t-shirts for spring

spring fashion - t-shirts

*vespa scooter t-shirt by happy family
*spring rain t-shirt by isotope
*rainbow t-shirt by replicca
*zipper applique long-sleeved t-shirt by islanewyork
*snake corset t-shirt by thief and bandit

my favorite part of spring is losing my signature cardigans and letting my favorite t-shirts strut their stuff. while a t-shirt might be best paired with jeans, i’m looking forward to working some cute bouncy skirts and funky leggings this year – don’t worry, more on those trends coming soon!

as this week unfolds, you’ll be seeing some serious color. bright is best for spring 2010. t-shirts are an easy & casual way to up the color factor on a daily basis! these etsy picks are breezy choices to help you begin thinking spring.

what’s your favorite part of a spring wardrobe?

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