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i rec’d a nice note from Alissa Harvey early last week about her fetching stationery collections. she mentioned she had heard about Scoutie Girl from her friend Michelle of Cicada Studio – who is also a friend of mine. it always picks me up a bit to see/hear artists looking out for other artists in this way! it warms my heart even more when artists get to meet one another in person to blab, collaborate and put a face and personality with an on-line user name. Michelle and Alissa did just that this past weekend – and their respect and admiration for one another was so apparent in reading their posts here and here about it. thanks for inspiring us to get out from behind our screens ladies! this will be my 2009 goal!

Alissa’s lovely, original artwork graces her stationery collections, and her designs run from sweet & delicate to simple & bold. i’ll take either! she carefully prints, cuts and packages her products, using 30-100% recycled stock. other mentionables: she features an extensive line of invitations & announcements that can be customized for any occasion.

Indie Designer: Alissa Harvey

$13.50 from mew paper arts

One thought on “sweet stationery

  1. Aw, this is great! Thanks for the highlight! Alissa’s work is just so cool- just like her.

    Oh, and you don’t live too far from me either, so you’re on my must meet list, too! We’ll hook up one day- yes we will!

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