sustainable for spring :: kelly lane design

kelly lane - spring 2010 collection

kelly lane design - spring 2010 sustainable clothing

this, my friends, is a real sneak peek! kelly lane’s spring collection hits stores february 15 – but you saw it here first!

kelly told me this collection is inspired by a “spring storm” – but to me it can best be described as a simple equation: naughty secretary + comfort + sustainable design = yes, please. sustainable? you bet – all of kelly’s pieces are made in the us of a from sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

more from kelly:

During childhood, my canvases were many: smooth, concrete basement floors in my parents’ new home, textured wall-paper in the hallways, etc.

My passion to create led to two degrees in Graphic Design. The first a Bachelors from North Carolina State University and the second a Masters from Carnegie Mellon University.

In the summer of 2005, I discovered a new canvas — one that unleashed the same child-like, creative energy my granddad likes to remind me of. With a new sewing machine given to me as a gift from my husband, I gladly traded in eleven years with a Mac for a Singer.

check out more about kelly, her work, and where to buy on her website.

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  1. Thanks, Amy for the mention! Indeed we will be getting in Kelly Lane’s Spring collection very soon– in two stages. We’ll announce as soon as they arrive on our blog and site. Heckety to answer your question though– many of Kelly Lane’s dresses look great on all body types. There are always some styles that are made with stretch fabric (soy and/or Tencel) and look great on all sizes…so stay tuned (and also you/others many be interested what we currently have in stock)– like the Raspberry Tisane dress among others. (

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