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This weeks' beautiful little shop I'd like to share with you is Vintage Fresh Soap and Sundries. I *love* handmade soap, in fact it's the only kind of soap that I use in the shower. I not only love the way it smells but I also love that I know that I'm not putting any harsh chemicals on my skin. I've always wanted to try my hand at making my own and with these gorgeous handmade supplies I'm even more tempted! This shop owner from Grand Rapids offers an assortment of products to get you started. There are handmade re-batching kits that provide you with everything you need to get started including the soap base, oils, and extra add-ins. With a huge variety of choices to customize your kit this is a seriously great way to start manufacturing your own soap. For those that haven't heard of "re-batching" what this means basically that you'll be taking existing soap or soap scraps, melting them down and pouring the melted soap into molds to make new soap. You can add any number of essential oils or add-ins such as oatmeal or lavender to really customize your soap. This is the easiest way to start soap-making and requires the least amount of time commitment.

The shop also boasts amazing handmade infused oils such as calendula infused oil, sage infused oil and lavender infused oil. In addition to the re-batching kits you can purchase 5 lbs of handmade re-batching base soap for $20. That's enough to make about 20 4oz bars of soap! What's even better, all of the soap products are made after you order so when it arrives to you it's still fresh! This sounds like such a great project for these cold winter weekends. I can only imagine how great it would make the house smell!

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