we scout wednesday: summer in black & white

Before I get started with work in the morning, I drag Lola to the coffee shop for an iced latte and then we go for a good “wee!” at the park. The park in our neighborhood is aptly named “Happy Hollow,” as it is kind of carved into a hill and blanketed with trees. The light is always beautiful but this morning the sun was poking earnestly through the tree tops.

I thought the black & white “film” on my Hipstamatic iPhone camera really picked up the contrast beautifully… even if Lola ends up looking a little creepy!

your turn!

This week’s We Scout Wednesday is super easy. Just share a bit of summer – but in black & white. Whether it’s a piece of art, some cool photographs, or warm weather clothing, interpret this idea as you like. Take this easy, breezy assignment and show us what ya got!

Here’s how it works:

Post your response to this week’s We Scout Wednesday on your own blog, Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr stream. Link back to this post (http://www.scoutiegirl.com/2010/08/summer-black-white-iphone-photography.html) in your response. Then come right on back here and post your link in the Mister Linky below. When you’re done, visit the other scouts to see what they’re up to!

23 thoughts on “we scout wednesday: summer in black & white

  1. This is my first We Scout Wednesday. I love the idea of summer in black and white because it felt so nostalgic. I’m always a sucker for fond memories. <3

  2. I am really liking the fun summer we scout Wednesdays. The only thing I realized on 3 weeks until school starts. I can’t decide if I am happy or sad.

  3. So many ways to interpret a summer in black and white. Can’t wait to read how everyone “sees” summer this way.

    Oh, and the last photo in your post is a beauty.

  4. Oh, so much fun! So much fun! I was just going to post a picture, but then had thoughts of so many fun memories from summers past, that I had to post a little about those, too. Gotta love summer! I am always so sad when it ends. Except that I love Christmas, so the sadness doesn’t last too long :)

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