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Hey! In Tara’s lovely introduction of me, she hinted at a few of my endeavors. But now, as we are to be friends, I should like to share a bit more of myself with you, if you don’t mind. Hmm? You don’t mind? Oh, lovely!

you can see how my obsession is taking over my speech, can you not? Just wait until I start rereading all of Tom Robbins! I’m sure to get odder, even!

Well, today I will share with you some items made of my fabric collection Sugar Snap for Free Spirit.

prettyinpink320 sugar snap handbag

We all know that designer fabric is expensive, so  I take it as a personal compliment if someone chooses to use mine in a project. I just love seeing what people do with it!
iwannabe sugar snap purseThat print above is probably the most “me” of the collection. Wallpaper in Cocoa.

I’ve always loved these ribbon boards:
kayskrafts sugar snap memo board

And this! I wish this was in my size:
flowersnbutterflies sugar snap girl's gown

If you do a little poking about on the Free Spirit site, you might notice that I am not listed on the Designer’s Page. Hmm, wonder why that might be. News to come over at my place in the next few weeks!


melissa @ yummygoods

P.S. My Jane Eyre obsession has not yet released me from its grip.  I am powerless ! Join me! I insist that you watch the 2006 Masterpiece Theatre film version. (no other one will do.) SO GOOD!!

6 thoughts on “sugar snap fabric

  1. I want that dress!!!! I never had a dress like that when I was a little girl. :( It is SOOOOO beautiful & I know it’s wrong, but I am jealous of that gorgeous little girl in the picture! :) Huge congratulations to the creator of such a wonderful object.

  2. ooh I love Jitterbug Perfume! I think that would be a perfect next obsession. I will have to find my copy amongst all my books…

    And that button bracelet, is that your fabric too? ‘cuz it’s great!

  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful features!!!!Melissa is one of the most sincere and wonderful people I met in this virtual world:)…and I LOVE her fabrics and her art!!!!!

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