Structure and the Plateau of Complacency

An example of post-move complacency: boxes becoming part of the dining room landscape.
These boxes, yet to be unpacked, have become a familiar part of the dining room landscape.

My husband and I have hit a post-move plateau of complacency.

You know the one: Systems are in place just enough to make things functional, but aren’t quite as smooth as they could be; the few remaining boxes become part of the household landscape, serving as door stops and side tables instead of being unpacked; and temporary swing spaces initially set up to store items that didn’t have an obvious home are becoming not so temporary after all.

We need a focused intervention to burst through the plateau and reach the next level.

What’s the plan? We’ll set a date for our housewarming party, giving ourselves a hard deadline by which we’ll unpack the straggling boxes, hang the new towel bars, and put up the remaining curtains.

It’s a structured, specific approach that will give us just the nudge we need to get the job done.

Last year I felt that my painting had reached a plateau of complacency.

I liked what I was doing, but I also found myself envious of the artistic growth I witnessed in others. I felt an urge to stretch and expand my own technical skills, yet lacked motivation and direction to do so.

I needed a focused intervention to burst through my artistic plateau and reach the next level.

Enter an online art class that is pushing me far beyond my artistic comfort zone with hands-on lessons three days a week, links to the masters and how they used the skills I’m learning, and a supportive community that keeps me accountable and leaves me wanting to hand in my homework.

It’s a structured, specific approach that’s giving me just the nudge I need to get the job done.

The moral of this story?

Sometimes letting things unfold organically is the way to go; sometimes we need a bit of extra structure to move things to the next level.

There’s room — and a time — for both.

What’s your current plateau of complacency?

What kind of structured nudge could you give yourself to move through it and get the job done?

2 thoughts on “Structure and the Plateau of Complacency

  1. Great post Stephanie! I think sometimes we really need that little bit of structure to push ourselves forward and onto the next level whether it’s through a goal, plan or actual class. I’ve definitely experienced the plateau before and honestly it can be hard to move out of – good on you for recognising it and making progress in the right direction :)

    1. Thanks Michaela! Plans and goals are go-tos of mine as well. I like that we have options choose from when we’re looking for that extra nudge. : )

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