introducing stephanie corfee: new contributor

It is with great joy & excitement that I officially introduce Stephanie Corfee as the newest guest contributor to Scoutie Girl.

It is no secret that when I need an image for a guest post elsewhere or an illustration meant to make your heart sing, I look to Stephanie. Her work is colorful, full of personality, and so authentic. Recently, as she’s worked to create even more art from the depths of her heart, she’s seen a flourish of new business and confidence. She is allowing herself to embrace her own unique style and see the value that is inherent in that. She typifies what I see as “Scoutie Girl.”

Beyond all that, Stephanie looks at the world through creative-colored glasses. Well, in Stephanie’s house, they are probably technicolor glasses. I digress, she’s crafty, artistic, talented – yes – but her approach to life is one that is always challenging the status quo and seeking out the beauty in all things. Again, she is Scoutie Girl to me.

I hope you enjoy her column wake.create.repeat and give her a big Scoutie Girl welcome!

8 thoughts on “introducing stephanie corfee: new contributor

  1. tara, thanks so much for that intro post. it’s strange, but wonderful, to read lovely things others think of you. i am SO very excited to be a member of the Scoutie Girl family now! What a great way to start the day!

    1. Stephanie… when I get around needing what you do, I might not remember you directly… but I now know where to find you! I can just ask Tara “That lady with all the colors, I want her, find her for me please.”

  2. I am so excited about this. Stephanie is a brilliant artist and designer. Brilliant! There are a ton of really good artists out there but sometimes you run across one whose work makes a mad dash to your heart and says “YES”. Stephanie is one of those artists for me.

  3. thanks for the warm welcome everyone! i’m happy to be here.

    dave – i like you already. funny! : )
    ashley – your comment was so touching. thank you for that. i can’t begin to tell you how happy it made me.

    see you all back here in 2 weeks!

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