statement necklaces for spring :: trove designs

trove designs - paper & resin statement necklaces

truthfully, i can’t pull off a statement necklace. well, i don’t think i can. but what i love about these acrylic & paper necklaces from trove designs is how utterly wearable they appear.

this i could pull off! and i think you could too!

australian designer, brooke mcalary, creates each piece from resin & handcrafted paper sourced from around the world. the combination creates a look that is both modern & streamlined while maintaining an ethnic or traditional appeal.

click over to trove designs to see the whole collection!

8 thoughts on “statement necklaces for spring :: trove designs

  1. Oooh, fun. They remind me of some of the bigger and brighter vintage pieces I’ve collected. I love big necklaces but don’t like a ton of weight around my neck – these are a perfect solution!

    1. totally agree – weight around your neck is a drag… (no pun intended). plus, i already carry enough weight on my chest!

      thanks for stopping by, brooke!

  2. i know i’m late (been away at a tradeshow) but thanks so much for the feature, tara! glad you like the new pieces – they’re so much fun to wear!

    and heather, you wouldn’t believe the number of people who comment on the model’s hairstyle. it’s so beautiful – i just wish i could rock it like her!

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