spring sachets to brighten your sunday!

Lavender Sachets - set of two in aquamarine

lavendar sachets by junienone

thought i’d make a little sunday appearance to brighten up your day with these springy lavender sachets by junienone!

my day so far has been quite cold, virtually devoid of sun, and has found me glued to my (new) computer. and, of course, that’s the perfect kind of day to be stuck to a computer. later this week, we’re expecting sun & temperatures near 80 – i can tell you i most decidedly will not be behind my computer then, no matter how shiny and new it might be!

hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend. push off those “mondays” for a little more and do something creative!

via the scoutie girl flickr pool.

7 thoughts on “spring sachets to brighten your sunday!

  1. I heart those fresh ‘n bright sachets! It’s a mood-lifter, fo’sho. Yes, it has been cold and cloudy here ALL day long, too. I will be glad to see the sun again…one day. I’ve spent the day mopping floors, washing dishes and laundry, so hopefully that gets me ahead for the rest of the week! Hope yours is great! =-)

  2. That is exactly my current and future weather situation. I can’t wait for the end of the week. Especially since I’ll be going home to my beautiful parents’ house and will surely be hiking to the lake! We just have to make through dreary today…

  3. We’re a little more lucky weather-wise, it’s really breezy but the sun is shining and I just got back from a nice long walk down to the beach. Which means I won’t need lavender to help me sleep tonight, but I bet the scent of those gorgeous sachets under my pillow would sure smell delightful!

  4. Ooh, that pop of color woke me up! I’ve been sitting here feeling a bit dreary and blah myself . . . but then these joyful colors gave me a little jolt. It’s good to be reminded how much I’m affected by bold, vibrant, look-at-me shades!

    It’s supposed to be in the seventies here tomorrow and Tuesday . . . trying to get all my work done today so I can do nothing but bask in the sun tomorrow. :)

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