spring banner from junecraft

blue & yellow spring banner by junecraft

spoonflower printed banner by junecraft

friend of the blog, kayanna from junecraft, posted this springy little number to the scoutie girl flickr group and i just new it would have to start off the day today.

kayanna had her original illustrations professionally printed onto linen cotton canvas with eco-friendly inks and then sewed up each adorable little square herself. the banner is 4 feet long. a little retro, a little scandinavian, a little funky. so fun!

kayanna has other sewn goodies and many prints of her illustrations at her shop, junecraft. click on over!

note to self: work on ridiculously cute arrangements like the top photo in my own house.

9 thoughts on “spring banner from junecraft

  1. I’m so glad there are crafty and talented people like Kayanna out there so people like me (who can’t sew!) can still enjoy decorations like these. Just lovely!

    1. hi piper! i’m right there with you…. i’m not very crafty myself and i’m so glad i have all these fab people to buy from!

    1. hey diane! i’m in love with the pom poms, too. i think it might be a pom pom kind of spring/summer at my house. take down the paper pennants & put up some yarn!

  2. Thanks so much everyone for your kind comments!! I’m very much into pom poms right now… I have a feeling they’re going to be taking over the house soon!

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