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We love our sponsors! Today, get to know more about Stitch Labs!

Stitch Labs team
The team at Stitch Labs: Andrew, Michelle, Brandon, Jake, & Willo

Brandon Levey, Michelle Laham, and Jake Gasaway – along with intern Andrew Lassetter and social media guru Willo O’Brien – are the heads behind Stitch Labs. The team produces Stitch, an online tool that helps small creative businesses keep track of inventory, orders, expenses, and more – from anywhere on the globe.

Their goal? To save you time, save you money, and grow your business.

Stitch Labs began as Brandon’s brain child. While creating and selling his own line of apparel, he became frustrated by the lack of tools available for helping people like him manage their businesses. Nothing seemed to be affordable and uncomplicated and intuitive.

So in the spring of 2010, with Brandon’s coding skills, Michelle’s design talents, and Jake’s business savvy, Stitch Labs was born. The program officially launched in January 2011 and has been helping small biz owners guess less and sell more ever since.

Want to give Stitch a try? Use the code “scoutiegirl” and get 45 days absolutely free (that’s 15 days longer than the standard free trial).

stitch labs

Thanks, Stitch Labs, for sponsoring Scoutie Girl!

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