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mengsel illustration & pattern, pillow, tea towel

mengsel specializes in simple illustrations that create patterns that are greater than the sum of their parts! as a big coffee fan, my fave is definitely the moka pot designs. methinks a few of these will look great in my new kitchen! Luzelle, the designer, says:

At school, I was always getting into trouble for not paying attention in Maths class. I would be blissfully doodling away in my textbook, plus and minus signs would evolve into intricate, colourful patterns and all of a sudden the teacher would say: “Luzelle! What is the answer?” Goes without saying that I got an A+ for Art and Design and a dreadful D for Maths.

thanks for blessing us with your work!

and thank you for sponsoring scoutie girl, luzelle!

3 thoughts on “sponsor feature :: mengsel

  1. love that little sail boat! i’m right there with you as far as the doodling in class went. my margins were always fuller then the rest of the page :)

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