sponsor feature: live it to the full

Amy Blum and Aleece Langford are the two wonderful women behind this month’s top drawer sponsor, Live it to the Full.

What is Live it to the Full?

Live it to the Full is a place of refuge for people seeking a new way of processing through a transitional period in their life. Our mission is to foster new ways of looking at age old dilemmas through art, photography and storytelling. We seek to provide quality material and qualified instructors at an affordable price and an accessible portal.

How did you get started?

Aleece and I (Amy) met at Jen Lee’s Integrate retreat in November of 2010. We were both going through our own transitions in life and shared an immediate connection.

The vision for Live it to the Full was born from a desire to bring the life-changing experience of a retreat to a wider audience, so our courses are a bit like a retreat in a bottle! We hope to provide an experience of self-discovery through creativity along with an opportunity to meet other people who may be traveling along a similar trajectory at a price point that is less intimidating than what traveling to a destination retreat may cost!

Of course, we also want to provide the destination retreat experience as well, so every quarter we plan to host a destination retreat! Our first retreat is slated for November 2-6 in new Orleans, LA.

I want to live it to the full! How can I participate?

Right now we have two upcoming courses. Our August course, Emerge, is all about emerging from life’s transitions and becoming more fully ourselves. This four-week online workshop is led by Liz Lamoreux, Jennifer (Jenna) McGuiggan, & Vivienne McMaster.

In September we will run our course on Dream Tending. Tending your most precious dreams in the midst of life’s transitions is tricky. How do you maintain focus on your dreams? This online workshop will be led by Kelly Barton, Michelle Ensminger, & Mishelle Lane.

Visit the Live it to the Full website to find out how you can participate.

Thank you, Amy & Aleece, for sponsoring Scoutie Girl!

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