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We love our sponsors! Today, get to know Top Drawer sponsor Jennifer Rapp Peterson of IndieMade!

Jennifer Rapp Peterson

In a nutshell, what do you do?

I am the founder and principal of IndieMade.com, a company that provides simple, but beautifully designed, hosted, all inclusive websites (store, blog, image galleries, news, calendar and custom pages) to creative entrepreneurs. In the time it takes to set up a Facebook page, you can have a fully featured website using our service.

How did you get started & how long have you been doing this?

I had the idea for IndieMade several years ago (mid 2000s) during the time I owned a boutique greeting card publishing business. Pulp Couture had 900+ independent gift store (wholesale) accounts. I was also designing handmade plush toys which I sold at craft shows.

Through my endeavors I had designed, launched, and managed several of my own websites, so I knew how frustrating building it from scratch could be. I had also used proprietary website content management systems to create and manage websites, which were also pretty hard to use. I knew there had to be a better (and more affordable) way of doing things. My software developer boyfriend (later husband) agreed, but we had our hands full with other projects at the time.

When Etsy came on the scene, I was thrilled to find a new outlet for my handmade creations. I loved when new people discovered me. But I always wanted my own website, dedicated to me and my business.

All of my artist and crafter friends were in the same boat: everyone wanted a professional looking, dedicated website.

So after I sold my greeting card business and had some babies, I knew it was time to launch IndieMade. I knew if we could deliver a better website platform for creatives that (a) had the features they needed at (b) a price they could afford and (c) they could set up and maintain on their own, we would have built something really special.

IndieMade.com went into beta testing in 2009, and we’ve been steadily growing and improving the service since then.

What’s your creative inspiration?

I am inspired by art and commerce. I am thrilled by the indie DIY craft movement. I had grown up with an abstract artist mother (the art) and an entrepreneurial father, so I never thought art and commerce needed be mutually exclusive. Happily for all of us the new DIY scene has weakened the intense stigma against making money with your art. A generation of artists has so many tools (and the Internet) to market their art and no one needs to starve to prove her dedication.

For my personal projects, I am an avid junker, thrifter, and antiquer – I see potential in EVERYTHING, to the dismay of my husband. My inventory of “project fodder” – sweaters for felting, mid century furniture in disrepair, and vintage ephemera – is ever growing.

What’s the best part about what you do?

I have the privilege to help fellow creatives achieve success. How cool is that? I know what it feels like to achieve financial success with my creativity – there’s no better feeling than that.

I want to make it possible for others to enjoy the freedom that comes with loving what you do for a living.

I‘m also very interested by the creative process and love to witness it in others. And it’s great to discover great artists, musicians, and crafters when they sign up for our service.

I love what I do.

What’s your favorite anything?

My children giggling, dates with my husband, real Coca Cola, sweet potato chips (because I am hungry right now), the color blue, sunshine, mid century furniture, industrial architecture, succinct graphic design, strong coffee, writing, cartooning, interior design and fashion mags, art openings, and making people laugh.

My favorite new IndieMade site: Vintage Renewal. Her stuff takes my breath away.

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Learn more about Jennifer and IndieMade on FacebookTwitter, and the Blog.

Thanks, Jennifer, for sponsoring Scoutie Girl!

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