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We love our sponsors! Today, get to know more about Stephanie and Rose of Crywolf Clothing!

Crywolf Clothing

Stephanie Drabik and Rose Chang are the ladies behind Crywolf, a fantastically quirky line of handprinted tees, tanks, buttons, and accessories. They work together out of their studio in Toronto and print each shirt individually, by hand and eye, without the aid of any presses.

“Sometimes people ask us why we would hand print every shirt when we could just save our time and pay to get them done at a printer,” say Rose and Stephanie. “There are a bunch of reasons that we decided to go the hand printed route but it all seems to boil down to a matter of QUALITY.”

“The main concept behind Crywolf is producing limited edition, collectable, wearable and affordable pieces of art,” they continue. “Our inspiration comes from artists and crafts people who strive to do what they love, do it themselves, and make a living out of it.”

Thank you, Stephanie and Rose, for sponsoring Scoutie Girl!

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