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After a super crazy week, I'm so glad I get to end it on a high note by bringing you this fantabulous giveaway from accomplished & talented Heather Moore of skinny laminx. Heather recently released her latest collection of designs, Sevilla Rock ~ which is inspired by the work of a cartographer friend and his enthusiasm for rock art. She partnered his records with her "love of simple, clean Scandinavian style." Screenprinted onto 100% hopsack cotton, the patterns are so original and fresh! Hard for me not to love all Heather does, and Sevilla Rock is no exception. She sells yardage (a first!) as well as pillow covers and tea towels.

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Heather has kindly offered two (2) tea towels (winner's choice) to 1 lucky Scoutie Girl reader! Woot! Woot!

How to enter & rules:
– visit skinny laminx and have a look around.
– make a comment on this post about something you like.
– one entry per person!
– incomplete or duplicate entries will be deleted (must leave email so i can get in touch).
– winner will be chosen at random.
– contest ends Saturday, May 9th at midnight.
– winner has 24 hours to claim prize. after that, a new winner will be selected.

May the best reader win! :)

128 thoughts on “** special giveaway | skinny laminx teatowels **

  1. I’ve always loved the Borrowed Spoons pattern. Would love to make kitchen curtains out of it!

  2. Love the borrowed spoons pattern… especially with that adorable apron! I also really like the duikers!

  3. You’re crazy if you think I can pick just one thing from her shop. I want it all, plain and simple. But oh, OK, if I MUST choose, today’s impulse pick will be LAVA tea towel in Hot Lava.

  4. Hi,
    I read Heather’s blog all the time and what I like best is actually her sense of humour! She is funny. I absolutely love her products too! Hmmm…which one? I love the print on the Lava tea towels and also her amazing paper cuts which was the reason I frst read her blog. Thanks,
    [email protected]

  5. I love all the simple kitchen objects put to pattern (mugs, spoons, etc.)

    The new line is pretty as well but the house wares remain my favorites.

  6. I love all her stuff – but the style of hers that gets me the most is the chunks of color with lines on and off the chunks – like the mugs teatowel (especially in Gooseberry!)

  7. Someday I will have one of everything, but my favorite pattern has to be Eep and the olive color would go best in my kitchen!

  8. When I was a little girl, my mother used to needlepoint tiny ponies. Heather’s work reminds me of that. My favorite: Sevilla Rock – Colt circles in Sand.

  9. The Eep teatowels are definitely my favorite. I love animal prints in general, but those little birds are especially sweet.

  10. I LOVE LOVE skinny laminx. Absolutely adore her new Colts design, especially in Goldenrod. Still love her Borrowed Spoons teatowels the best though!

  11. Skinny Laminx has been on my Etsy favorite sellers list forever! I especially love her fabrics with animals (loving the colts).

  12. I like the Borrowed Spoons teatowel – enamel red– very cheerful.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I’ve never been to South Africa….but I’ve been to caves in France. The cave
    paintings are awesome & very inspirational.
    My favorite….Herds in Grey ! beautifully
    rendered ! Thanks for introducing me to a
    new artist !

  14. I really love the Mugs in raspberry teatowel and Spoons apron – Red. Thanks for the great giveaway…Lisa

  15. ooooo! I’ve been lurking for a while and this is the first giveaway I’ve commented on 😀 I adore the Duikers print in red

  16. I love the Borrowed Spoons teatowel – enamel red!

  17. I’m a big fan of Heather’s work! I love her new sevilla rock range, it’s amazing! I especially like the faded colors on it! Thanks for having this giveaway for us!

  18. Skinny is awesome. Her towels are so so so cute. Wish I was a fabric designer.

  19. I’m having a hard time deciding between colt circles in seafoam and herds in grey; anything at all made out of either one would be perfect!

  20. oh it’s way too hard to choose, i’m such a fan of skinny laminx. but for today, i think my fave is the ‘duikers in green’ teatowel. lovely, grassy green :)

  21. I love Heather’s blog and her papercuts. As to tea towels, i’m a sucker for chartreuse, so i’ll go for the Orla in Chartreuse tea towel.

    virgule_s (at) hotmail dot com

  22. I love all of her stuff! I’ve been an avid reader for awhile now! I love her flowery cutouts and posts about keys!

  23. I LOVE Heather Moore and have long been a fan of her paper cutting tutorial and the incredible results that eventually ended up on napkins! Currently loving her Slate Eep and Red Borrowed Spoons tea towels. Also lusting after Duikers in Aloe Red yardage.

  24. heather has to be one of the most talented, lovely patternists of our time….her orla and sevilla rock patterns are two of my favorites. thanks for the giveaway!

  25. I have loved Heather’s designs since first I saw them online, and would be very hard put to choose a favorite… I’m excited that she is also doing fabric yardage. In her shop, my favorites (today) are the “ikea” pillow and the “mugs” teatowel in blueberry

  26. a favorite? loved all the designs. hmm.. .the summer day in dry grass tea towel, if i had to choose.

  27. Oooh, I just love her mugs although she seems to be sold out at the moment. Therefore, the tea towels in “Mugs in Gooseberry” would keep my kitchen company with their sunny personality:)

  28. Wow, this is a tough choice! I think my favorite patterns are “herd” and “orla”—I love all the colors! Great palette!

  29. All so beautiful…a lover of birds I’d have to say I’m partial to the Tomato Eep teatowel.

  30. Ohhhh, I have been in love with the colts print since Heather came out with Seville Rock! Any colorway would be wonderful, although I am partial to the teal at the moment!

  31. I really like the Orla in red and Orla in chartreuse tea towels!

  32. Just one favourite? It can’t be done. I love everything at skinny laminx. I wish I’d managed to get my hands on something in the ikea drawings line (it looks like they’re almost all gone). The Eep tea towels are also pretty darn cute.
    Thanks for such a great give away.

  33. I love the teatowels! this is my fave: Colt circles in Seafoam
    such a lovely colour too =)

  34. I love it all, but especially the orla (in all colors) as well as the new Duikers in green… good stuff!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  35. I like just about everything but am particularly enamoured of the colts circle in seafoam

  36. I agree with Kim–one day I’ll have one of everything, but if I won, I’d choose the colts in circles, or the herds in grey. Wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. Her prints are amazing, I kept changing my favorite the more I looked. I think the Mugs in Blueberry is my favorite for a tea towel.

  38. I have loved Skinny laMinx for so, so long and yet still do not own any of her pieces. A travesty.

    I have always loved the borrowed spoons print and Orla print, but one I hadn’t seen was the “Summer Day” design. I like it a lot!

  39. Ohh, thanks for the link. I am in love with everything. I am really digging the graphic patterns and bold colors. They make it really minimalist. Thanks!

  40. Lovely: I especially like the muted tones and nubby textures of the colt circles and the mongooses.

  41. Such a good giveaway!

    Even though I love the new Sevilla Rock designs, I’ve always had a huge soft spot for the Borrowed Spoons teatowels….. and I think the Ikea tea towels are brilliant and hilarious too!

    Leah xxx

  42. I love skinny laminx!!! I love all the herds teatowels, and I also love her orla prints, too!

  43. so many to choose from, but I love the duikers in green tea towel, though the mongooses (mongeese?) are pretty delightful as well.

  44. I really enjoy these designs for the beautiful simplicity in pattern that they offer. Basic, yet familiar and interesting. At a squint incorporating shapes and repetition with defined colors. Just very cute and I would have to say that I love the herd design, especially the pillow covers!

  45. Here’s my two favorite tea towels-Orla in Red – tea towel AND Colts in goldenrod – tea towel.

    I really love her shop. I hadn’t come across it before. Such pretty colors and awesome design.

  46. What is not to like. My favorites are the lava in hot lava, the borrowed spoons, and the herd in oxblood.

  47. Oh, how can you choose? All of Heather’s designs are amazing. If I had to choose…the new Sevilla Rock collection, or borrowed spoons, but really all of them!

  48. Ooo, I like them all. 😛

    But, I LOVE the I Wish we had IKEA – cushion cover.
    We recently, finally, got an Ikea here, but it’s still pretty far out. Think this cushion cover would do the trick though.

  49. Love the LAVA teatowel in Hot Lava, so pretty! Thanks for the giveaway!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  50. My favourite item from skinnylaminx shop is the slate eep teatowel – I adore both the colour & the design. But to be fair all of the merchandise is devine & enchanting. I’m just singling slate eep teatowel because I needed to comment on one item for the giveaway.

  51. I just ordered her Lava tea towel in hot lava (favorite of the moment), but I love all that she does. Her new fabric venture is impressive, brave girl!

  52. I like them all so much I don’t know if I could bring myself to actually use them – only display them! My favourite print are the red deer, I love the colour combo and the use of fill and stroke. thanks :)

  53. I love the colt circles! Who cares about the color.

    And the duikers, and the borrowed spoons, and eeps, and the mongoose…

  54. Do I really have to pick one thing… all of her work is fabulous! I really love her new range of fabrics and the colt circles in seafoam are my favourite.

  55. hi from an ex-Cape Tonian!
    (is that spelt correctly?)
    I love the red duikers, brings back great memories of south africa (geez, i miss home!)
    i also love the orla & the lava stuff, in red too :)

  56. I just adore the Duikers in red design. Well, all of them really, but this one stands out for me.

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