Sounds of Sweet November

We are all individual and come into our own at different points in our lives. For some it happens early; others spend their lifetime waiting to feel comfortable in their own skin. For me it happened at sixteen, when I removed myself from this country, stepped out on my own, and started to see the world around me.

I had always listened to music, appreciated it, claimed to love it, but my love for it was not as deep as I had thought. It was in being removed from all I knew, in a foreign land, that I honed in on detail, and started delving deep into the songs I’d always claimed to love.

I had been a fan of Damien Rice, but I didn’t realize why until I was in a foreign country under a huge wooden handled umbrella. His voice can awaken your soul, but is also capable of pulling you into a deep sleep. His words are the kind that you feel, that attack your soul with all their might.

What he as an artist is able to feed us fulfills the soul and the different compartments it consists of. He somehow is able to attack the entire soul, instead of just a fraction of it, and I think that is what sets him apart.

When November 1 hit this year, I got into work a bit early, made myself a cup of peach ginger tea, got settled into my desk, and turned on Damien Rice. He always seems fitting this time of year when it’s cold, and the wind feels like it’s going right through you. But November is also about being thankful.

In listening to Damien Rice, I’m allowed to be thankful for who I was when I discovered his music, and who I have been through all of the years that I’ve let him create sound in my life.

So, if you do anything this month, be thankful for you, and the things that have gotten you right to where you are.

Tell me, what are those things?

2 thoughts on “Sounds of Sweet November

  1. I’m glad for this reminder to be thankful for the music and musicians that inspire us to do work that is creative and push us forward. I’m not a musician, but music that is inspirational can get me saying: “I want to write a story as beautiful as that song” or “I want to create this design to be as soulful as her voice.” Music can be such an inspiration.

    “What he as an artist is able to feed us fulfills the soul and the different compartments it consists of.” Some of the artists that have done the same for me are: Over the Rhine (unique, soulful, thought-provoking lyrics), Rich Mullins (spiritual, reflective, honest, simple), and recently Antoine Dufour (enchanting guitar, amazing rhythms, stick-with-you-melodies, reflective).

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