solidio belt buckles

here, nature’s bounty and sleek design bring forth unmatched elegance and simple distinction. these gorgeous buckles are created from stainless steel and various woods found in western PA (hooray for pennsylvania!), including walnut and silver maple. knots in the wood are an added bonus in some of the final pieces b/c they are filled with turquoise. inspired by their reverence for nature, this couple switched gears amidst their successful careers to find something they could do that was less-throwaway and more-back-to-basics. i’m glad they jumped in with both feet b/c it really shows! buckles come in small and large sizes, fitting belts that are 1-1/2" to 1-3/4" respectively. (you can add a belt to you order as well.) Indie Designers: Julie Graf and Mitch Richardson

$50-90 from solidio

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