solidified inspiration

one of these days, i will make a list of designerly things i find irresistable. for now, consider pendants (esp. silver pendants with daisies) the beginning of said list. this artist specializes in reclaimed, fine silver and lab-grown stones to give her work an eco-friendly slant. she uses a precious metal clay that’s malleable like play-doh. each soft piece is molded, formed and embellished before being fired in a kiln. once fired, the hard, pure silver pieces are polished, oxidized, brushed and so on. using this soft material allows her to translate her soft organic inspirations into a solid industrial material. customizing available.

*the bottom-right pendant features the iconic hummingbird artwork created by BOYGIRLPARTYĀ® – limited edition of 100 pieces.

Indie Designer: Christine Street

$45.50-58.50 from chocolate and steel

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