sister day: when hearts burst into holiday

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My sister and I are gaga for each other.

Being 9 years apart, we missed significant chunks of each other’s childhoods, but we have a strong bond. We have our spats, but there’s no one else in the world whose face I can read over the phone with such accuracy, who gasps for breath while laughing at the exact same time as me, and whose thoughts are like a fun-house mirror reflection of my own.

Being the greatest big sister in the land to the greatest younger sister in the land, I suggested we create Sister Day, wherein we would exchange treats and cards and generally smother each other with sentiments of admiration and appreciation.

Really, is one day enough? Naw. But we enjoy having a special day to dote on each other.

Really, is one day necessary? Absolutely not. Just like Valentine’s Day is not the only day for sweethearts so show their love.

But something about it does feel necessary. How had the world not thought to acknowledge our Sisterdom before? It wants acknowledgement, and it wants celebration.

What about you? Is there a relationship or accomplishment in your life that wants acknowledgement?

What’s begging to be celebrated? How will you honor it? As the inventor of this holiday, you can choose to celebrate however you like. Let us in on your plans in the comments.

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8 thoughts on “sister day: when hearts burst into holiday

  1. Back when we were little, my sister and I created a Sister’s Day holiday, which we strategically placed on August 6th (for the fact that there are no other holidays in the month of August!). We’ve been exchanging gifts and happy thoughts on this day for almost twenty years.

  2. Love this! I have two wonderful sisters and this would such a fun day to celebrate. Since I have two little boys coming up with a brothers day to allow them a chance to do something nice for one another would also be a great idea.

  3. My sisters are 8 & 10 years older than I. I always like to say I had the advantages (and disadvantages) of an only child growing up but now that I am an adult I have close sisters.

    I also started a ‘Sisters Day’ in August for my girls. They dress similar, we go for lunch and they pick one thing THEY want to do.

  4. My brother (17yrs old) and I are over a decade apart in age, but there is no one on this entire planet that means more to me. I definitely think it’s a relationship that’s necessary to acknowledge, ESPECIALLY since we’ve figured out how to be best friends in spite of our huge age difference. *sheesh* Now I feel old… :)

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