simple inspiration

i’ve been following the blog berlin’s whimsy for about 2 mos. now. her writing and her photography pulled me in immediately. both are very soulful, sweet, poignant and intelligent. she’s not had the best year, and she’s poured herself and her introspection into a swath of natural linen fabric – creating needlepoint ornaments, smocks, aprons, shirts and other delicates. she was inspired by a bookcover at her library, and this free-motion embroidery panel resulted. it includes 100% wool petals. imagine a journal cover, a pocket, part of a handbag or framed as-is. you decide what it should be! how cool is that. what i secretly like most about her is that she uses Laura Ingalls as her inspiration sometimes, too – and, if you know me, you know Laura Ingalls is my hero. ’nuff said.

$19.99 from berlin’s whimsy at etsy

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