show & tell: what’s your loose tooth?

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When my sister was a little kid, she could always find a reason to share during show and tell. It went something like this:

Week 1: I have a loose tooth. Look how I can wiggle it with my tongue!
Week 2: I lost my tooth! And here it is. Look!
Week 3: Here’s the quarter the tooth fairy brought me for my tooth.
Week 4: I bought this plastic tiger with my tooth fairy money!

That’s a lot of press over one loose tooth.

She was a tiny PR machine, making the most out of every story. Sure, she liked the attention of standing up in front of the class, but she was also genuinely excited about what was going on in her little world and wanted to share it.

What’s going on in your little world? When someone asks you what’s new or what you are up to, do you light up at talking about your “loose tooth?”

Oftentimes we dread these questions. We mumble out a response downplaying what’s truly going on. We think our audience, the asker, won’t be into what we have to say. We sell ourselves short.

Tables turned: consider show and tell. Find the excitement in what’s going on in your life or business, regardless of whether you think it sounds impressive or not.

Enthusiasm is impressive.

And it changes the script. Watch:

“Well, just trying to get through the days now that baby #2 is here. I’m falling behind in my business and ready for a decent night of sleep.”

These statements may feel true, but they are laden with a case of the blahs. Shift your thoughts. Turn on the enthusiasm switch and you get something like this:

“It’s true, I’m zonked! We all are. But we’re learning how to balance with two, and I so appreciate the time I had before to work on my business. I’m really looking forward to getting into a routine so I can dive back in. I miss it!”

No sugar coating here, but plenty of enthusiasm. Which gal would you rather hang out with? Or buy from?

When you think and speak from a place of enthusiasm, you do right by yourself and your audience.

Right now, today, what are you proud of?

What are you excited about? And how can you tweak your script? I’d love for you to show and tell in the comments below.


9 thoughts on “show & tell: what’s your loose tooth?

  1. Thanks for this.
    It’s true I am much more excited about a benefit I’m working on for Rosie Colucci, a little girl with a host of life threatening illnesses and a rock star attitude, than I am about my own job search. I lead with what I’m passionate about and get around to my need for a job. Hopefully my enthusiasm for the cause carries over into the rest of the conversation.

    Now that you’ve awakened my passion — We are currently looking for raffle items. If you would like to donate something (what a great way to get your name, brand, store out there) you can contact me directly.

    To learn more about Rosie please visit or or just Google her!

  2. I’m so psyched about an awesome new evolution in one of my product lines!

    I can professionally embroider a kid’s drawing onto a coffee sleeve!

    Aside from it being a cool product, my favorite part is how good it makes my little boy feel when he sees his artwork in my hand every single day. It’s the best feeling in the world and I’m so honored to be able to share it through my indie business.

    Have a great day!

  3. I’m really gratified at the comments + feedback I’ve received about a series I’ve been delivering on my blog.

    At first, I expected a bigger reaction and worried that I’d said something ‘wrong’ … but now, I’m just so happy that the responses I have got are truly positive and thoughtful and also that many are from people who I know and whose opinion is important to me.

  4. A great reminder that a positive and optimistic attitude brings out the best in ourselves and those we meet. Today even though the heat index will it 100+, I’ve spent some lovely time on the deck, watching the birds. And now, I’ll take that positive energy from nature back into my studio to continue work on my art quilt projects.

  5. Again Scoutiegirl’s posts come at a time in my life where I SO need to hear these sage bits of advice. I am so humbly grateful!

    I wrote in my morning pages journal, something I hadn’t done in weeks just to get ‘rid’ of the misfit of complaints, worries and anxieties just so I could approach my day with glee.

    With that and then reading this post by Laura Simms, my new attitude and show and tell for today:

    I’m thrilled and so excited to open up my own ‘art emporium gallery’ in Beacon, NY, despite not deciding a name for it yet. The lights, internet and phones are all set up with the lease signed. I smudged the place just yesterday. I am elated that this new adventure of mine will bring me to see so many opportunities for growth and I look forward to connecting with the community and sharing my art with the city and it’s many visitors.

  6. Wow! That is definitely something I needed to hear. You can be honest and open without being negative. And the excitement isn’t just contagious to the person you’re talking to; it’s contagious for your own sensibility! It gets me pumped up about my life instead of down about it!!

    Rather than talking about how hard it is to get people into my shops or how my jewelry shop only had one sale in six months of being open… I’m going to talk about how thrilled I am that I have repeat customers in my other shop who seem to really like my work and are willing to pay for it. I’m stoked that I’m bringing in a little extra cash that can offset the cost of our move and the more expensive apartment! And I’m really happy that I get to work from home and have time for my shops without feeling overwhelmed or overworked. I am truly fortunate and so excited for what’s to come!!

  7. This month I presented myself with a challenge to write one blog post per day, instead of my usual 2-4 posts per week. Though the month has only just began, I’m really liking how it is forcing me to find excitement in the little things and expand upon ideas over several posts, instead of trying to cram everything into one day, kind of like how your sister was able to turn a loose tooth into a 4 week series. I’m still in the early stages of finding my niche and my voice, and I realize that the only way I’m going to get anywhere is if I put myself out where other people can see what I’m doing and respond is some way. And, if I want other people to get excited about what I’m doing, than I will have to be excited myself.

  8. Yesterday I was watching the product lanch of the new playstation, and talk about lack of enthusiasm shown by the speaker. I felt much less excited about the product after seeing that because of it, even though it had a lot of new features to get excited about. It really made me think about how much enthusiasm I show when people ask about my work. This article was great reinforcement for those thoughts.

  9. Well put! I am currently adjusting to life with my second child and can totally relate to how much better I feel when I see and share the positive side of my situation. Thank you!

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