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miss modish - vintage on etsy

i have a confession to make, dear readers. i am a completely terrible vintage shopper.

i love to visit vintage shops (although there are very few in my locale) and i love walking through flea markets. but about the only thing i’m good at buying is vintage tea towels – i love me some tea towels. anyhow, i’m hoping to really start incorporating vintage into both my home decor, my personal style, and my crafting this year.

to get off on the right foot, i asked jena – of modish fame – for some tips! jena just opened miss modish, a vintage shop on etsy, to explore her passion for the clothes & accessories of bygone eras. it’s helped her get back in touch with her inspiration to share beautiful things both old and new.

she wrote in one of her first blog posts about the new shop, “I haven’t even opened the shop yet and in all the shopping and photo-shooting and playing dress up, I’ve gotten back in touch with that part of my personality that doesn’t live on the couch, behind my laptop. And it feels soooo good.” (emphasis mine… but i don’t think jena will mind!)

it’s funny how we can get so caught up in looking ahead that we forget that we are grounded in our personal histories.

miss modish - vintage shop on etsy

here are jena’s top tips for getting started with vintage shopping and keeping your look fresh while incorporating the pieces you find:

Vintage accessories are a quick and easy way to incorporate old things into your modern day style- a pretty vintage scarf can dress up any outfit, pin a vintage brooch on a jacket lapel to give it a unique touch, vintage beaded necklaces can be layered over any blouse, and you can’t go wrong with vintage shoes!

And it takes a lot of time and a little luck to find great vintage goods at thrift stores, so if you’re a newbie head to the vintage only stores that’ve already scoured through all the icky stuff to find the gold for you. You’ll still find great deals on garments that are each one of a kind, and will be spending your money on good-to-the-earth recycled goods. Etsy is full of wonderful vintage shops, and I’m sure there’s at least a few in your hometown!

so… take a minute to browse some vintage or vintage-inspired. and then, take a minute to get in touch with your personal vintage 😉

8 thoughts on “shopping tips from miss modish

  1. I SO love vintage !!! thnak you so much for sharing this WONDERFUL blog post … yeserday I found a lovely victorian blouse and a pair of awesome French vintage gloves …Now I am off to my “personal vintage”.

  2. Excellent tips from the queen of vintage style!! Will def be finding ways to incorporate more this year! (Tara, you crazy lady – you live in one of the richest parts of the country for vintage goods – at least for the home…let’s take a trip onest!)

  3. Thank you so much for this awesome post! I didn’t know I’d be featured like this, thought I’d just be part of a list of tips of something so it’s a great surprise! Thanks Tara!!

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