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ceramic houses by little red door
ceramic houses by the little red door

not so long ago, i broached the subject embracing abundance and forgetting the scarcity mindset. over the last few weeks, i’ve been so moved by your stories of door kicking, abundance, and thriving! so many of you have shared such personal insights. thank you!

which gave me an idea, i would love for you to share your own personal “kick the damn door down” story – through words, images, audio, or video. i’ll compile them into a free digital zine to inspire other creative people to break down barriers in their own life.

to get you started, here are a few that have touched me:

I used to go back and forth – sometimes feeling less that I’m “just” a creative type, and sometimes being proud that I have talents or imagination that the average person might not. In any case, the starving artist scenario does not set well with me. I simply won’t believe it.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t until my kids started getting older and showing genuine amazement at the things I would create, that I began to feel a real sense of value in myself and what I did. It gave me confidence that the people I cared about the most appreciated my creative self. I started thinking differently after that. They are still my biggest source of encouragement. Even their friends write me from college, saying they miss my creative, artsy house :) Our talents are part of who we are, and we should never undervalue ourselves or the things we can do.
— Meg, Wild Child

I’m a teacher during the day and I always encourage my kids to speak positively about themselves and their passions. I teach middle school and so sometimes this is a challenge. It’s funny though, and I’ve never thought about this, but I often don’t practice what I teach. Teachers are horrible students! I love sewing and creating art and yet I always talk down on my ambitions and work. Maybe starting today I’ll change and be an example for my students.
— Angel Flicker, The Artist’s House

I definitely believe in living *now* and loving every minute of it, but everyone needs a reminder.

My biggest life change came when I decided to dispense with guilt. It takes a lot of practice, but having no use for that emotion has caused me to make good decisions about my life’s direction based on what is good for me and my family, and not what I “should” or “shouldn’t” do.

I hadn’t thought to take this “embracing abundance” approach to my work, btu it makes so much sense. Thank you for your inspiring words and deeds!
— Karen, One Girl Circus

so, go back to your own blog or studio or email and tell your story. when did you decide you’d stop letting others hold you back? when did you choose to thrive instead of survive? when did you kick the door down? or, if you haven’t yet made that decision, what will your life look like when you do?

leave your link in the mr. linky below so that i know where to find your story. the zine will link back to your site so readers no where to find you too! i can’t wait to read what you’ve come up with!

Deadline to share your story is Friday, April 23!

contribute to the kick the door down project:

24 thoughts on “share your door kicking story

  1. What a fabulous idea ! I will definitely work on my story . I am eager to read what everyone else has to say about their thriving life . Inspirational stories fire me up . And they are very distracting from what I am supposed to be doing ! LOL ! But I love ’em anyway :) Here’s to thriving !

  2. I wrote this post a couple of days ago, but when I read this, I immediately thought of it. I don’t know if it’s so much a door kicking story as a door slipping through story. It’s definitely about the scarcity mindset, though, so I guess that’s why I thought of it.

  3. This is a great idea for a project! I just posted my story about learning how to surf at 30 (which felt really old to be doing such a thing when everyone else seems to learn as a kid). I’m gonna go read other people’s stories now! Can’t wait!


  4. This is such a great post… I have not been reading your blog for very long, a couple of months… but it has been great… lots of thought provoking ideas and helpful stuff… I have really enjoyed going through all the other links, what an amazing group of people and stories… thanks to all for sharing them.

  5. This article is really inspiring.
    I would like to contribute in some way with my own little ‘piece’ of story, but in the truth right in this period I’m having hards moments to overcome.
    On the other hand, I’m trying to look around and feel the joy for all that I have, inside and outside of me, and well… it’s nice to discover how much these things are, and how precious.
    I want to watch at them every day catching their lovely juice to have the strenght to keep up with my projects.

    Thanks Tara for this nice project. You’re blog is full of energy and love, and I think we all feel this.

  6. Thanks for starting this project, Tara. I’ve spent so much time lately thinking about where I wanted to take Three By Sea, which meant figuring out what exactly Three By Sea was about. I was completely blocked for so long that when I finally figured it out, it felt like such a ‘burst through the door with excitement’ moment.
    Writing my manifesto was such a cathartic & exhilarating experience, because it was an opportunity to announce “This is ME. This is what I’m about.” I have this renewed enthusiasm for my blog, my work, and the future of Three By Sea.

  7. I didn’t realize until just after I wrote this unusually personal post on my blog today that I think it fits with your theme. It’s not about any one moment of door kicking, but rather my journey on the life long process of every day kicking the door down!

    Thanks for the great idea; can’t wait to see what you compile!

    Hope Ava

  8. Tara,

    It was so nice to stumble on this topic!

    I’m 34 and in the last few months I feel like I am just starting to find what moves me and what my true passions are. What a blessing to not have to survive, but to thrive and be so excited by something that you would rather create/research/plan/etc. than sleep.

    Getting gray hairs (and letting them show) may not be fashionable, but I am wearing my gray hairs proudly, because with each one I am becoming wiser and getting to know myself better.

    Happy weekend & blessings! Love your blog.:)

  9. When I read this post on Saturday morning, I knew the time had come to admit all the thriving things that had been happening in my artistic life this past 4 months.
    Your words were a perfect mingling of other blog entries I had read, my own journaling over the past week, and my own internal thoughts
    Thank you for being one of the whispers in the universe that reminded me to speak loudly and confidently about what I do, and truly behave, each minute, like a thriving artist (and a smiling one at that!)

  10. hey tara – big thanks for having us share our stories – i enjoyed reflecting on where i’m at now, how i got here – and considering what the future might hold. i pretty much love the: “kick the damn door down” idea and it’s a great attitude and a phrase i’ve been contemplating a lot lately!

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  12. I have been thinking a lot about my business goals lately and just decided to write up a blog post on my thoughts. Your theme of “kicking the door down” totally fits my story, but sort of in a more subtle, daily way. Thanks for such an inspiring website!

  13. Hi there! Oh how we all need inspiring stories like these to get us going! Fantastic idea!

    Well, I see I have missed the deadline. However, I happened to stumble upon this project the same day I wrote this post on my blog. For me it took a tragedy (and time) to realize life is too short not to live what you love! Coincidence I came across this project today? ..Well, I don’t really believe in coincidences but that things really do happen for a reason even if we may never know in this lifetime what the reason is. Maybe I was suppose to read some of these lovely stories on this day where I was thinking about my own life and how I got where I am today.
    If you are interested here is the link to my blog post…”Life is too short”

    I hope my story will maybe inspire someone else not to give up on your dreams even through the toughest times! :)

  14. Lol when I was in Middle School I used to kick the classroom doors from outside and run. One time I kicked a door so hard, as I was already running, the teacher came out and yelled “GET OVER HERE!!!!” so loud I like double my speed. That was the funnest day ever and some of my friends were actually in that classroom.

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