we scout wednesday: e is for evolution

Things evolve. But evolution is speeding up (and yes, evolving). While it used to take a hundred thousand years for significant changes to happen to our physical culture, the nature of information and a connected society means that ‘everything’ might change in just a few months. Ideas that spread, win and organizations that learn from their mistakes lead the rest of us.

–Seth Godin

Feel like people don’t know enough about buying handmade? Wonder why more people don’t choose quality over quantity? Wish you saw more handmade goods with innovative design & impeccable technique?

What are you doing to lead the next evolution of this movement?

We Scout Wednesday is your opportunity to get involved with & get inspired by the Scoutie Girl community. Answer the question above in a blog post, tweet, or Facebook update and then leave link leading directly back to your post in the Mister Linky below. Be sure to link to this post (http://www.scoutiegirl.com/2010/08/seth-godin-evolution-handmade-movement.html) in your own.

Then check out what others are saying and spread the conversation!

{nesting bowls by utilemud}

4 thoughts on “we scout wednesday: e is for evolution

  1. yes to handmade! i make handmade one of a kind jewelry in san fran and started a marketing and pr company for emerging artists. so excited to be part of this community and see it grow!

  2. I wrote a Blog post today about what I do with my trash. I live in a very forward thinking community, Bellingham, WA. Here we actively support local and independent businesses and as a result have a vibrant and successful local business community. I was inspired by this to make my business the best it can be and one of the ways I do it is in how I manage my garbage from my business!

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