Dream of Starting Your Own Business?

Have you dreamed about starting (or improving!) your art or craft business like the ones you see here on Scoutie Girl?

I’m excited to tell you that Bonnie, from Going Home to Roost, has decided to take her Etsy Shop Help series to the next level by offering a 7 week ecourse on everything from finding your niche, to writing product descriptions, to craft shows, to networking on & offline. Bonnie has both an extremely successful craft business and a degree in business. She won’t just showing you how to make a little money on the side but take you step by step through creating the potential for a thriving business.

Bonnie is looking forward to getting to know course participants and helping them make their own personal dreams reality.

To help you get a feel for Bonnie’s style, you can download the no-strings-attached free ebook she put together featuring the best of her Etsy Shop Help series on Going Home to Roost.

Turn your passion into profit by checking out Selling the Handmade Way.

PS. I’ll be contributing to one of the lessons! Go check it out!

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