scoutie girl ranks (not reeks)…ranks!

*image copyright reubenmiller - used with permission

Scoutie Girl made Alexa's ranking of the top 90 design blogs – she's #53! thank you to reubenmiller (#24) for posting the full list (with links) and for granting me permission to borrow the fun image above. the methodology behind the rankings is a mystery to me (seems somewhat convoluted). the list includes all those you def know, and a few you may not – but the actual order of them is puzzling. still, a great list of great blogs that are very well-worth a visit and a bookmark!

i've been sitting on this nugget for about a week b/c i wasn't sure what kind of stock i put in this. i finally decided a rank is a rank, is it not? and, truthfully, i'm pretty stoked about it b/c i know how hard i've worked for 2 years on this little blog. (did you know scoutie girl will celebrate her 2nd anniversary on january 8th?)

more important to me than a rank are the random comments and notes i receive from readers who tell me how much they love checking in with SG everyday or that they just purchased an item i featured! i think i'll be sharing some of these over the holiday break.

have a lovely, handmade day! thanks for reading!

p.s. did you enter the giveaway to win a wolfie & the sneak calendar? your comment equals a donation to breast cancer advocacy. enter here.

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