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what a day this has been! scoutie girl got some serious exposure today in a number of fabulous places. thank you to everyone who commented, tweeted, and emailed. also, thank you to the lovely ladies who posted about the kick the door down project ezine today. i really appreciate you passing it on and helping to inspire others to kick down their doors!

so, without further adieu, check out these posts and leave me a comment or two!

  • Interview with Carmen Torbus – Carmen is all about helping your grow your own creativity and inspiration while she grows hers. She wrangles all sorts of creative giants (somehow she made room for me…) and posts inspirational interviews on her blog.
  • Guest post on Problogger – This is a huge mention for me at a site that I love. While this site is read by all types of bloggers – tech, info, self-help, biz, etc… – I wrote to encourage bloggers to get beyond simple information posts and dig in to create a more “experiential blog.”
  • My earning story on Daily Worth – this is all about the evolution of my personal journey towards abundance in my life, business, and career. If you’re not a DW subscriber, well, you should be!

5 thoughts on “scoutie girl out in the world!

  1. I saw your post on DW and was completely mesmerized! It was definitely an inspirational post and it made me feel better that a giant blogging idol such as yourself, with your super successful businesses reads the same finance-self-help Daily Worth that I do! I will hop on over and read the other articles too 😀

  2. Congrats! Tara, I LOVED reading your earnings story at Daily Worth. I didn’t realize how much time you must be spending – outside of this blog – on projects for other businesses. And now I’m going to ask the same question people ask me (and it drives me nuts, but here goes): How do you do it all with a toddler at home too? I think we’re putting in similar hours on outside projects (for me, it’s product design) but you still appear fully invested in your blogging – multiple posts a day, thoughtful writing, great innovative themes, ideas, collaborations. Yet I have weeks where I swear I’m phoning it in with my blog. And I hate that. I suppose I need to go pull out your 52 weeks ebook and reread. But I just wanted to say I’m in awe of your dedication to all the things you’re doing.
    One thing that works in your favor: by buying an existing business (the blog) you’ve leaped over one of the bigger hurdles: finding an audience. That would make the dedication easier to maintain!

    1. Hi Mari! Without the blog, I have no business. So that definitely makes it easier to keep things up here. And you’re right, having purchased a blog business to begin with also gives me a leg up. But without Handmade in PA (where I was quickly able to gather an audience), I wouldn’t be here at Scoutie Girl…

      I basically do nothing but work or parent. I spend a disgustingly small amount of time on “me.” And it’s certainly wearing thin. Just today, I got started with a babysitter (a former employee) who is going to be able to watch Lola 9 hours a week started soon. That will be huge for me – although I don’t plan on taking it easy. I plan on rocking it out!

      I’m sure I could be “a better mother” a lot of the time… but at the same time, I’m now providing for our family and showing my daughter that you can be a success at what you love. So I think that’s sometimes a fair trade off. I’m thinking that the babysitting will allow me to do better at both business & motherhood – I’m really looking forward to it!

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