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homemade pop

so i’m always slightly late with my posts. just ask tara. i don’t mean to be so last minute, it’s kind of my nature and also my time management skills (or lack thereof).

anyways, this time, i have a legitimate reason, having spent most of the night at the hospital with my daughter for asthma related issues (she’s okay!).

so i wake up (with 3 hours of sleep) in a tizzy because i’m not sure what to talk about this week. true blood is finally here as of Sunday but i covered that last week.

i’ve covered lost to death, like here, here and here so i know there’s plenty of other good pop culture stuff happening to talk about, although my mind is a little fuzzy today.

so i decide to login to my scoutie girl email to check out if any recent emails are pop culture related (1 out of 20 are) and i laugh. out loud. to the subject line: ‘say hello to homemade pop’.

pretty confident if you ask me, so i open it up and find not only a great pitch but also an amazing set of products (well deserved confidence)!

Danielle from Homemade Pop (she also has an Etsy shop) wrote more about her line:

I concentrate on original illustrations and prints of everyday & nostalgic random randomness. All drawings are done in fine black ink Pilot pens and Prismacolor markers.

Visit Danielle’s website or Etsy shop to check out over 100 great listings!

One thought on “Say Hello to Homemade Pop

  1. Excellent post & so true! I need to start committing to those things that really matter. The older I get, the more I realize how many things I’ve gather that have no meaning for me. It’s become too much clutter & I’ve begun to clear it out. It’s a huge undertaking.

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