Satisfying the Craving to Create

Satisfy the Craving to Create

When you have a chocolate craving, what do you do: Give in to it or ignore it? I’ll venture to guess that most of us give in to it! (And why not?!)

When you have a craving to create, what do you do: Grab your supplies and begin, or let the familiar “tomorrow, definitely” or “after I get my to-do list done” take over.

Throughout my life I have had a craving to write. I don’t know where it came from but it has always been there, even as I practiced other types of art. I thought about it most days, but I constantly put it off because I find writing difficult. I would tell myself “I need a big block of time” or “I need to begin where I am really inspired.” I envisioned beginning my lifelong writing habit while sitting on an ancient stone on top of Machu Picchu or enjoying coffee and ‘media lunas’ at a Buenos Aires cafe.

Those experiences have come and passed years ago, and I held the memories in my mind knowing that one day I would write them down. But waiting for the perfect time left me with blank pages, so one day I just sat down and wrote about a few exceptional experiences. The next day I wrote a few more. Before I knew it I had a small writing habit.

Creative cravings can only be satisfied by action. If you feel that desire to create something, today is the best day to start.

Here are a five tips to help you start:

  1. Do something everyday, even if it is for only 10 minutes. Write a few paragraphs, do a few sketches, start a craft.
  2. Finishing is not the goal. The act of setting time to create is the goal.
  3. Keep your supplies in view. Putting everything away makes it easier to give in to “tomorrow.”
  4. Create cues to get you started. When the baby falls asleep, make that a cue to get started creating. At the end of the day, when you pick up the remote to watch TV, instead of clicking ‘power’, make that into a cue to get creative.
  5. Display your completed projects to keep you inspired and feeling accomplished.
What is it that you crave to do? What is stopping you?




3 thoughts on “Satisfying the Craving to Create

  1. Tip #6: print this article out and keep it with your journal, sketchbook, sheet music or other creative outlets!

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