sarcasm & snark. not for the faint of heart!

it must be love – or small pox. by heidi burton

neat things - snarky cards
it’s valentine’s day! you know what that means! i’ll be in my room crying. by neat things.

handmade snarky & sarcastic valentine's day greetings

ghostacademy – This doesn’t mean that I don’t think Valentine’s Day is lame. — But it does mean that I love you.

kingpopcorn – You two deserve each other.

owlyshadowpuppets – You had me at health insurance.

modernemotive – Love is like the weather – you can’t ignore it.

6 thoughts on “sarcasm & snark. not for the faint of heart!

  1. haha!
    that one from modernemotive is AWESOME/PERFECT and also sadly hilarious – like i could have written it myself (just change James to Brian and Adele to Suzanne :)

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