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I am so excited to share products from the Wildly American Soap Company with you!

Wildly American Soap Company got its start when owner, Andrea Driffill, began searching for chemical-free bath products for her daughter, who has rosacea. Andrea found that even dermatologist recommended cleansers had chemicals, including parabens. She learned everything she could about conventional bath product chemistry and designed bath products that removed unnecessary chemicals and included healthier ingredients to promote skin health. With the use of these handmade products, her daughter’s skin improved. Andrea decided to grow these time tested recipes, but still makes products through a slow batch process to ensure consistency.

I connected with Andrea, since several members of our family have eczema and my fair skin has become sensitive in recent years, so I decided to give these products a try.

11061681_721362044648436_3513629362867438318_n (2)The first thing I noticed about these products is the simple, inviting packaging. All packaging materials are recycled, recyclable, compostable, or biodegradable.

Products are either naturally scented (never overpowering) or fragrance-free. I greatly appreciate scents; it is one of my favorite parts of my skin care regimen. Unfortunately, I have found that many products that are scented have not been beneficial for my increasingly sensitive skin. However, I found with the scented products from Wildly American Soap Company, since the scents are naturally derived, I have not experienced any irritation. Also, for those with increased skin sensitivities, there are fragrance-free options. All products are natural, wildly crafted, and organic. Products never contain Parabens, Phthalates, Triclosan, GMOs, SLS, or chemical hardeners.

All products that I tried have a luxurious texture and are visually appealing. Bar soap lasts approximately one month if kept dry. Fans of self-care products will feel good about purchasing from this environmentally friendly small business.

Here are my favorites:

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Juice Bar – Brightening Face Bar with Carrot, Papaya and Turmeric

Especially formulated for the face’s sensitive skin, this soap bar with organic carrot juice, papaya and turmeric are great for healing skin from breakouts, irritation, or eczema. To me, this has a clean citrus scent. Cleansing my face with this soap has become part of my daily routine.




WildlyAmerican_Soaps_Detox_05 (2)Detox Sea Salt Soap Bar with Pacific and Himalayan Sea Salts

This textured bar combines sunflower oil and organic coconut oil with Pacific and Himalayan sea salts. This made my skin so smooth and the soap feels luxurious on skin. This bar of soap lasts even longer than the other bars (more than a month if kept dry).


Kol-Soap-Bar-Stack-Wildly-American-Soap (2) Kōl Vegan Charcoal Soap Bar with Shea Butter

Activated charcoal gives this soap its distinctive look. Meant to draw oils and toxins out of problem skin, this soap also contains marshmallow root and essential oils. Several members of our household enjoy this soap.





Spiced-Mint-Lip-Balm-Wildly-American-Soap (2) Spiced Mint Natural Lip Balm

A best seller, I must admit I was a little hesitant to try this product. I am not a mint fan. At all. However, this blend of American Beeswax, organic carnauba wax, and mint also includes natural cinnamon and ginger. So the scent is extremely light and won’t deter non-mint lovers like me!  The lip balm doesn’t feel waxy at all – it soaks right in to soothe and heal sensitive lips.




Soothe-Bath-Bomb-Wrapped-By-Wildly-American-Soap (2)Soothe Bath Bomb Fizzie

A luxurious bath bomb, this bath bomb includes colloidal oatmeal and softens skin without feeling greasy. Formulated with organic olive oil, this bath fizzie is wonderful for itchy, irritated skin. Allergy season is in full bloom in my neck of the woods, and my son loved how this felt on his itchy skin. I loved that it had very minimal visible oatmeal residue to clean out of the tub! I see a lot of baths with this bath bomb in our family’s future.



Vanilla-Sky-Scrub-Wildly-American (2)Double Tap Vanilla Sky Cream Soap & Sugar Scrub

This scrub is a creamy soap designed to moisturize and exfoliate. I really appreciate the texture of this scrub, which is rich and creamy, unlike some oily scrubs I have tried. Lightly scented with natural vanilla and chai spices, this smells so good!





I think my favorite part is their soap subscription service, where you can choose 2 soaps to be shipped to your home per month. I will be utilizing this in the future – now all I have to do is choose which soaps to order!

Friends around the globe, Wildly American Soap Company ships internationally; ask for pricing options to ship to your home.

What do you think? Will you be checking into purchasing bath products from the Wildly American Soap Company?

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Andrea Driffill, Owner of Wildly American Soap Company





Disclosure: I received complimentary product samples from the Wildly American Soap Company.

7 thoughts on “Review: Wildly American Soap Company

  1. I LOVE Wildly American! I’ve been using their products for several years since I first found them at the Farmers Market. It is the only soap I can use on my sensitive skin, every member of my family has their favorite.

    1. Gayle – I am so glad you and your family enjoy these products! I suspect our entire family is on a similar path to each of us finding favorites!

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