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Clean Out Envelope in BoxWhat is your favorite way to shop? My new favorite way to shop is through ThredUP. I love it because it is simple, fun and efficient. Oh, and a great way to buy and sell quality, new or like new brand name clothes at a fraction of the original cost. In a recent order, I received 3 shirts, 2 with the original tags attached, for $32.00. I was thrilled with my purchase (but don’t worry, if you prefer to return an item for any reason, you can do so within 14 days for ThredUP credit). Read on to see how the buying and selling process works.


  1. Create an account or log in through another social media site, such as Facebook. Then peruse all that ThredUp has to offer. The Search and Filter features are very easy to navigate – search by category, color, size and more. The user interface for the search is seamless – unlike some other clothing companies that will only let you search a single feature at a time, requiring multiple searches.
  2. Select items (women’s and children’s clothing) for your virtual cart and submit your order.
  3. Wait for your order to come. You may notice that shipping takes a little longer that other deliveries. ThredUp is up front about that, stating that delivery is a bit slower to keep costs low. However, ThredUp keeps you in the know so you know when to expect your package – sending you email updates about when the order has shipped and is expected to arrive.
  4. When your package arrives, it comes in sleek packaging, nicely folded, wrapped in tissue paper. I love receiving “gifts” even if I bought them myself – don’t you? Pssst – do you see those items with the tags still on? What a deal!IMG_4324FullSizeRender (3)


In addition to buying from ThredUp, you can also sell the same type of quality items that you buy. As we embark on a change of season, what clothes did you not wear? What clothes are like new, but don’t fit quite right? Alternatively, has your signature style changed from riding boots and tweed to large flowery prints? Or how about that cocktail dress you bought for a special occasion and you don’t anticipate wearing it again? Consider selling these great pieces that you would want someone else to enjoy.

Clean Out Bag_Women's


  1. Order your free ThredUp cleanout bag (or 2 or 3!). This seemingly small but mighty bag holds 1 laundry basket of clothes. The bag arrives in your mailbox with complete instructions.
  2. Fill the bag with high quality clothes. Since I am usually cleaning out my closet all at once, I greatly appreciate the bright and fun colors of the bag, separating it easily from the sea of other white bags to donate.
  3. Before you seal the bag, you will want to check the website for details of approximate pay outs for various brands and types of clothing. Keep in mind that similar to other high end consignment venues, what you receive is a very small percentage of original cost, however, for me it is worth it to clean out my closet with such a simple process and an easy way to receive ThredUp credit.
  4. Take the filled bag to FedEx (or call for pickup).
  5. When your cleanout bag arrives at ThredUp, you will receive an email confirming receipt, as well as giving you a date that your bag will be processed.
  6. Once your bag is processed, you will receive an e-mail letting you know how much credit you received, based on the number of items that they have accepted. According to the website, they will donate clothing that is not accepted, or you can request a return of unaccepted items and pay a shipping fee.
  7. And for the curious, you will receive e-mails updating you when your items have sold.

It is a great way to reuse and recycle! Have you ever tried ThredUp? If so, how was your experience? If you have not tried ThredUp, do you think you will check it out in the future?


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