#reverb10: one word

Potential realized.

Greater potential discovered.

Looking back over 2010, it’s hard for me to not see it in distinct sections – all of which seem like full years in & of themselves. For me, this year was all about potential.

In physics, there is the concept of potential energy. Simply, objects store energy as it relates to their position. Think a toddler at the top of a tall playground slide. Or a writer-thinker managing a bookstore. Or a momma learning the ropes & learning herself.

My potential energy has been building for quite some time and, this year, it was unleashed. But the funny thing about realizing your potential energy is that you end up discovery more, even where you thought there was none.

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion.


I suppose that’s my one word for #2011.

This post is part of a daily writing project called #reverb10. Find out more & join in this creative exercise here.

11 thoughts on “#reverb10: one word

  1. Love the image you chose for your word, Tara. And yay for discovering greater depths to your energy and potential–not that, by appearances at least, you were particularly lacking either in 2009 ;-).

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