We’ve compiled a mega-list of resources and links for living a creative, fulfilled life. If you have resources you would like for us to consider adding, please email [email protected]

Art & Design
  • Accidental Mysteries: Seriously fun – these photographs will inspire you to think in a totally new and different way for sure. Don’t take our word for it, check them out!
  • Faboolosity: A quirky little site with some of the most unusual visions and musings you’ll find anywhere. You won’t spend another day allowing beauty to pass you by after you visit this site – training your mind to see the beauty in everyday objects.
  • Miss Moss: You. Will. Love. This!
  • The Jealous Curator: I wish I’d thought of that!
Creative Living
  • 1950: Now that was a good year!
  • A Beautiful Mess: Creative crafts, decor, fashion, beauty and so much more….you’ll love the out-of-the-box thinking. A turkey from cheese? Tree stumps for tables? Chalkboard planters? Oh yes!
  • Apartment Therapy: Saving the world one little space at at time.
  • Bright Bold and Beautiful: BB&B’s mission is to bring you the best of DIY, holiday decorating and entertaining ideas.
  • Classy Clutter: Turn clutter into a bright fun place. Who knew a mess could be so neat?
  • Crafty Planet: A sweet little shop with DIY ethos with “the coolest craft stuff in the galaxy”! Inspire yourself for DIY at this shop.
  • Creativity Exchange: Where high-end design ideas meet low budget creative solutions! Perfect and ohhhhh…..sooooo fun.
  • Decorating Nature: Natural objects, painted, and placed back in their natural habitat. Creating a new way to see the world.
  • Garden Rooms: Creative people love to bring the outdoors in and live life with the beauty nature provides. Experience it here.
  • Eat Drink Chic: Bringing to life a passion for aesthetic details, applying them to parties, entertaining, weddings, gifting, fashion, the home and everyday life.
  • House to Home: An eclectic array of ideas for the home – turning your house into a home with creative ideas and simple touches! We just love vignettes of surprise!
  • Interiorholic: Creative and fun ideas for your home with solutions that don’t break the bank. Use your wine stains to decorate your table – don’t throw them away!
  • Judy Ross Textiles: Wow! Judy Ross Textiles’ products are made by hand using the finest quality materials, such as New Zealand wool, Tibetan wool and Chinese silk. The Judy Ross pillow collection pairs centuries-old chain stitch techniques with contemporary design. For those a little more creative, this is the place to shop! And the perfect place to get inspired for your own DIY projects!
  • Love Where You Live: A fantastic little find with all things creative for the home, office, and life! And they also have a little boutique in Virginia that ships unique items all over the world.
  • Perch Design: Ceramics like you’ve never seen before! Awesome, creative, fun. It’s an uber-creative studio that drives this place wild.
  • Rollout Wallpaper: Not your grandma’s wallpaper for sure! Unique, custom designed wallpaper that tells your story, lifts your mood, and makes your smile.
  • Serenity in the Garden: Shhhhh…..listen to the quiet. Serenity is so special. And these pictures will move you to calm and serene for sure.
  • Shabby Chic: It never goes out of style! Their vintage finds are out of this world.
  • Three Sheets 2 the Wind: A fun find for creatives! Handmade accessories with unique style and distinctive designs. Be inspired!
  • Trendir: A place for the ……. unusual. Funky woodfloors, multicolor armchairs, whimsical decor and more. Open your mind!
  • You Grow Girl: This is a place where you can go and grow – check out creative ideas for food lovers, gardeners, hippies, survivalists and anyone who wants to grow through creative adventures and projects.
  • Woonwinkle: The quaintest little Oregon-based shop focused on well-made, handcrafted furnishings for the home. A departure from the hard, slick modern aesthetic of the past, Woonwinkel is new modern: warm, inviting, tactile, quirky. Soooooo creative and inspiring!
Culinary Creations
  • Beard and Bonnet: Mixed Baby Greens, Delicata Squash, Caramelized Onions, and Feta Tart (Gluten free). Need we say more?
  • How Sweet Eats: Oh yessss….everything from healthy desserts, comfort food, indulgent desserts, seasonal favorites and of course, BACON!
  • Real-time Farms: What’s fresher than straight from the farm? Find a nearby farmer’s market, food artisans and the freshest food ever.
  • Slow Food: Like food was meant to be enjoyed and savored – slowly. Slow Food is a global, grassroots organization with supporters in 150 countries around the world who are linking the pleasure of good food with a commitment to their community and the environment. Now that’s creative.
  • Tim Vidra Eats: And we love it! “E.A.T. advocates the use of simple local ingredients, sharing easy tips for how to incorporate them into dishes that will impress, supporting local business, sourcing local products, eating locally, and eating well.” We couldn’t have said it better Tim Vidra.
Small Business Resources
  • Create as Folk: You’ve found our little oasis for purpose-driven people. We believe that finding the right career feels like home, and that making a living and making a life should go together.  Join Laura Simms (did we mention Laura is an awesome contributor on Scoutie Girl too!?!).
  • Go Fire Yourself! Well, don’t really. But think about creative ways to do what you love to make a living. Great ideas on this site to inspire you to action.
  • SBA: Okay, maybe not all that creative….but the SBA.gov website is filled with valuable information. And for those new to online business, it can be a useful tool and resource to walk you through the process.
  • Seth Godin: Unless you’ve been locked away in a cave, you likely know Seth Godin and his incredible presence on the internet. What a business guru! And Knock Knock is now available for you to read for free. It’s a short take on how to use the new online marketing tools to make any website work more effectively.
  • Social Buzz Club: New to social media, or just want to know more. Get the buzz here.
  • Tara Gentile: Click and learn – you will love her humor, inspiration, and creativity – and of course, her business savvy.
  • Wildfire Marketing: Writing a book? Then you will definitely want to land on this site where you’ll learn how to sell your book like wildfire!