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Just recently we received a note from my daughter's preschool requesting parents to help in outfitting the kids with crafting supplies. The list was pretty much everything in our recycle bin. Stuff from milk jugs, to cardboard tubes to bubble wrap. We laughed when we took in this big bag of what essentially looked like garbage. But seeing the stuff that the kids were making out of this "garbage" really got me thinking. If kids can make creative crafts with "junk", why can't we? I scoured Etsy once again and found some really awesome recycled supplies ready and waiting for your imagination!RecycledSupplies_Pics

1. Handspun yarn made from 100% recycled mill ends. From craftyarn. $10 per skein
2. Security envelope windows for paper crafting, collage, etc. From girlindustries. $2
3. Gorgeous pottery shards from Lake Erie beach, would make a beautiful mosaic. From lakeeriebeachglass. $30
4. Recycled wool sweater scraps. Perfect for snuggly scarves and cute little purses.From feltwerker. $12
5. Drilled stones would make lovely ornaments or beautiful jewelry. From stonestudiostoo. $7.50
6. Skinny pack of vintage fabrics for quilting and all sorts of other fabric crafts. I love how the colors work together. Just awesome! From rope. $6
7. Photoscraps pack from staceywinters magical photos. I think I would just love sifting through these guessing what the rest of the photo looked like! $2.50
8. Beautiful recycled mailers for sending your handmade goods. From sunlitorchard. $5
9. Recycled carboard tags from mungo are just the thing for gifts, collages, or even for organizing your own crafty supplies! $4

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  1. Thanks ladies! Chaucee, not weird at all! I think this is a great lesson to all of us to be aware of what we’re throwing away and how it might be repurposed. I’m really glad that my daughter’s school is conscious of this!

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