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rainbow sneakers - onitsuka tigers

this week has brought a lot of virtual sunshine & boatload of new visitors to scoutie girl! if you’re new, i just want to say “hi!” and explain how we do things here a bit. scoutie girl is the with a penchant for the passionately handmade – and now i also like to add – the blog with a passion for people and the stuff they make. we’re all about the story behind the stuff!

scoutie girl is also unique in that the site is organized into weekly issues. each week brings a new theme to explore – this week was a spring fashion preview – and you’ll find stories, handmade goodies, and essays on each theme. for a more spontaneous round-up of great art, craft, & design, check out the scoutie girl facebook fan page where you can find a wide variety of links from all over the web on a daily basis!

next week’s issue is all about blogs! i’m the judge for the blogging event over at the handmade olympics so i’ve spent this week finding new blogs to share with you!

my question to you is: why do you blog?

leave a comment on this post or tweet your answer using the hashtag #whyiblog. i’ll share my favorite answers throughout the week!

as for now – i’m signing off for the week but you can catch all the posts from the spring fashion preview right here!

7 thoughts on “recap – spring fashion preview

  1. I started blogging with hopes to increase traffic to my shop but then something happened. I got laid off from my full time job and all I had was my shop(s) and my blog (and my family of course). I was blown away with the fact that while blogging you can meet people who know exactly what you are talking about and care about similar things. The amount of help I got by circulating in the blogosphere was tremendous. Now I catch myself thinking about my blog more that my shop. Oops.

  2. Fun sneaks! I Started blogging just over a year and a half ago as a way of recording my artistic process, and as a way to have some web presence for people who would see my work at a local art/craft fair and want to connect at a later date. I had learned so much from other blogs that it was my hope I could start giving back to that world wide community.

    A year and half later, I’ve found a wonderful community of oh so supportive folks who comment with encouraging “way to go’s”, give me well thought out, helpful advice when I ask for it, and sometimes surprise me with incredibly insightful peeks into why I do what I do. By blogging about my process and inspiration, I have been able to articulate better why I do what I do, I’m actually discovering how I work, and this is allowing me to find me way through artistic dry spells – which used to cause me such gnashing of teeth!

    What started as a self conscious diary has become an conversation with like minded souls about things that matter to me. What amazes me is that this all happens without any face to face contact – there are so many amazingly helpful people out there (Scoutie Girl included), I NEVER would have met them if I hadn’t taken up blogging!

  3. Why do I blog? Because I like to talk to myself… no, seriously… I started blogging as a way to let everyone know what was going on with my shop & life. It didn’t take me long to figure out that I needed to be more focused, so this is why I blog now…

    I blog to educate people about my craft(no, it’s not a dirty word). I also like to let people see a little bit into my life, because hey, we are all human! And I love to bring new shops to the forefront, to be able to help out my other handmade enthusiasts is WONDERFUL & EXCITING!

    i <3 sustainability

  4. I started blogging so my faraway family and friends could have a peek into what I was doing — I’d just started knitting and had gotten back into sewing, and my husband (deployed for a year) always wanted to see pictures of my projects. My blog’s always been more about everyday home life (crafts, recipes) than my personal life, and I am inspired every day by all the wonderful likeminded blogs out there. I really love the conversations that develop, and aspire to one day be half as marvelous as my favorite bloggers.

  5. I came upon a blog one day, not even knowing what a blog was, called “crap I’ve made” and it struck a chord! I thought hey, there are other people out there like me that make random things just because… so I wanted to share my “crap I’ve made” and that is how I started my blog. I like it because I don’t have to stick with what is in my shop, I can show all my cre8tive sides :) And pretty much no one in my household really cares all that much about all the crap I make :) Now I have my own people to share it with.

    Love your Blog!

  6. I don’t think I truly qualify because although I’m passionate about handmade and buy lots of it, I don’t make stuff myself – my blog IS the stuff I make. And why do I do it? ‘Cause it makes me happy. Very Happy! :)

  7. There are different reasons why I blog, especially when things evolve along the way for the last few years.

    When I first started, it was purely because I love to ‘talk’ (to myself).

    Then when I’ve moved abroad a couple of months ago, it’s a mean of keeping my family and friends updated on what I’m up to on a regular basis.

    Nowadays, it’s also for me to share the gorgeous finds on Etsy, as well as to publicise my works :)

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