recap :: issue #4 – success!

wow! this has been a week of inspiration, motivation, and a lot of introspection. below, you can find a recap of all the success! posts.

because there was such a positive response to this week’s posts, i really want to move forward with creating a space where we can all share our thoughts on life, work, and play. but scoutie girl isn’t the place. so i’m working on a new project called indieThink – because groupthink is so last decade. whether your a crafter, a lawyer, an accountant, a chef, an artist, or a laborer, you have thoughts, opinions, and a unique philosophy. i want to provide a place for you to share in a constructive, community-focused way.

if you’re interested in learning more about or contributing to indieThink, you can sign-up to receive updates on its launch or become a fan on facebook.

by the way, next week’s issue is a “spring fashion preview!” i’m looking for your wearables that remind you of warm weather, sun, flowers, and yes, a bit of rain, too! also trends you see coming and popular motifs. email me with your submissions.

and now for the posts!

weekly welcome!

success in pittsburgh

defining success by brittni wood

success by miss malaprop

success is being free by judit wild

success is a balanced composition by daisy janie

goals met :: tasha mckelvey

am i successful? by lori dunbar

vision of success by jen kiaba

3 ways i'm successful by megan auman

blog rec :: handmade evolution

the simplicity of success by sam hirst

defining success by embracing uncertainty

okay, my turn by tara gentile

have a successful weekend, everyone!!

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