recap :: issue #3 – i heart you.

weekly welcome.

dude's guide to shopping handmade

sometimes, love means sacrifice


grade school valentines

7 indie craft & design blogs to watch in 2010

handmade is sexy.

sarcasm & snark for valentine's day

tell someone "i heart you" by buying handmade

and the winner of the ape zoppa giveaway is….

Sandy J
i would love to give it to a friend of mine who just give birth…
she deserve to feel beautiful…
and she gave birth….i can give her harclips !!! 😛

sandy, shoot me a quick email to claim your prize! scout AT scoutiegirl DOT com

that’s all for this week! i’m on a long weekend trip to pittsburgh to visit my sister-in-law. i’m also getting a lovely crafty tour of the city from my friend carrie, from i made it! market. i’ll be back on monday with – hopefully – some pics from that tour and a week devoted to the concept of success.

how do you define success? what is your measure of success? are you afraid of success, of failure? what stops have you made on the journey to success? tell me your story & your opinions!

3 thoughts on “recap :: issue #3 – i heart you.

  1. have a great weekend! I’m looking forward to seeing next week’s posts on success. I recently heard someone say they view success in terms a person’s ideals and how they treat others rather than the more american measures of education, employment, etc. I thought it was a great approach!

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