ready for the weekend!

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i don’t know about you, lovelies, but i’m ready for this weekend! not only that… but i have a keen desire to bathe myself in all that color in the paintings by meg walker above.

and from meg walker’s flickr profile, i found these scrumptious pin cushions (below) by namolio. i just adore the contrast in the colorful crocheted tops and the muted linen inside.

namolio - crocheted pin cushion

namolio - crocheted pin cushions

namolio - crocheted pin cushions

speaking of color – i’m also thrilled to tell you that i finished up work on the new website for illustrator stephanie corfee this week. she launched today! she’s having a grand BOGO sale so please pay her a visit, leave her a fabulous comment, and visit her shop to pick up something happy & colorful this weekend.

stpehanie corfee website

finally, i would love for you to check out two posts from this week if you missed them: the art & business of crafting your online self & blog it forward :: what inspires me is you! see you on monday – refreshed & re-focused!

10 thoughts on “ready for the weekend!

  1. Gorgeous artwork and I love the pin cushions. By the way, the website you created for stephanie corfee is stunningly beautiful…love the colors!

    1. you are quite welcome, jen! nothing like getting you out of the end-of-week fog like some outrageous colors.

      hope you had a fabulous weekend!

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