quirky + green = earth cadets

Grounded and responsible.

An apt tagline for eco-committed company Earth Cadets, and yet somehow insanely midguided. Sure, the company’s mission is “to provide every Earth Cadet with their own uniquely designed and hand screen printed tote bag.”  And sure the tote bags are hand-screen printed and made from 80% Ecotec™ – a blended cotton yarn produced from the excess fabric of newly made clothing – and 20% Bottle Bag material – material made from 100% recycled soda bottles. I mean, jeez. These folks at EC are like the reduce-reuse-recycle trifecta.

But all that seems almost beyond the point, the point being that Earth Cadets tote bags are cool in that folk-art-slash-scandinavian-inspired hand-touched-hand-created quirky way. They are cool in a way that seems decidedly un “grounded and responsible.”

If only I’d known that this was what my parents were asking me to be all that time in my twenties, eh? Eco-cool with a bit of quirky-geek? I could have handled that.

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