Quinoa: My Latest Foodie Affair

Quinoa by Jules:Stonesoup
Quinoa by Jules:Stonesoup. Click image for details.

I’m enjoying a rather delicious foodie affair that’s showing no signs of abating.

The object of my culinary passion? Quinoa. We have flirted a bit over the years but now we are rarely seen out of each other’s company.

Quinoa, turned with a splash of olive oil and dimpled with the quivering roundness of a soft-boiled egg.

Quinoa, island-floating in a bowl of seaweed-green soup and sprinkled with fiery-coloured turmeric.

Quinoa, thick and clumpy running with rivers of creamy rice and coconut milk.

Quinoa, lost in a medley of minty peas, chopped chicken, and tiny pieces of steam-sweetened carrot.

Quinoa, topped with ‘mackerel in spring water’ and flecked with flashes of red cabbage sauerkraut.

Part of the reason we’re getting on so well is that this foodie affair is letting me play all sorts of creative roles — sophisticat, peasant, home-body, global enthusiast, and world traveller.

A packet of this hot super-(not a)-grain split in my bag, so I’ve been leaving a trail of the miniscule white seeds wherever I go. Tell-tale signs of my kitchen crush.

Which fabulous food has grabbed your heart and tastebuds, and how is it helping you express the different parts of your creative self?

Recipe for Qudding (alternative rice pudding)

  • Piping hot quinoa cooked according to pack instructions
  • milk or yoghurt of choice
  • chopped dates
  • crushed brazil nuts
  • as much cinnamon as you like

Feel free to experiment with other toppings.

Mix together in a beautiful bowl.


p.s. The United Nations (UN) has declared 2013 as the International Year of Quinoa to recognize the nutritional, ecological, and economic benefits of Quinoa.

4 thoughts on “Quinoa: My Latest Foodie Affair

  1. Ha Ha! I loved this. I recently started my own love affair with quinoa as well. I just love it prepared with garlic butter, minced onions and chicken stock. Yummy for my tummy. Will soon be experimenting with it for breakfast.

    Thanks for the qudding recipe. Will definitely try it.

    1. Thanks Vernette! Quinoa is just so great for experimenting with isn’t it? Love your deliciously simple recipe too. Hope the qudding goes well, let me know.

  2. I just love the way this is written, Jayne, and I love the simple ideas. I’m inspired! I’ve been known to roll quinoa with fresh veggies in sushi wrappers.

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