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Heading to creative hotbed Providence, RI today to check out Queen of Hearts.  Enjoy!

Our mission at Queen of Hearts is to give artists a retail environment for their work to be displayed and sold.  People love to learn about the artists’ work they are purchasing first hand.  They enjoy the experience of being educated on the designer and the art they are purchasing.  This allows the consumer to connect an actual person with the product, and encourages them to continue to support local artists.  We simply provide an environment for the interaction to take place.

Supporting handmade is so important to me because I am also an artist as well as a boutique owner.  I understand how difficult it can be to get your work out there.  This is especially challenging for the handmade artist who may not have the resources to produce large numbers of their items.  Handmade items are unique, beyond anything you would ever find in a chain or box store.  People want to feel like an individual and buy something that is one of kind.  It is special to wear something that you will never see anyone else wearing.

I would like to emphasize how important it is for people to support there local businesses.  Yes we all know you can get everything cheap cheap at walmart, but those places put the mom and pop places out of business.  Of course us small businesses cannot purchase things as cheap as they can when placing a multimillion dollar order, BUT we are the places that build a community.

Queen of Hearts
222 Westminster St
Providence, RI  02903

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