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short chiffon wedding dress by claire la faye
wedding gown by claire la faye

i wanted to give you a heads up that this week’s we scout wednesday is all about weddings! btw, we scout wednesday is the opportunity to post on a given theme each week and share your link on scoutie girl. i’ve been looking for an excuse to share some pics from my wedding and this seems like a good time. so put your thinking caps on – posts could be about your own wedding, wedding appropriate products you make, your love story, why you’re never getting married… the sky’s the limit!

i’ll also be sharing some items that make me wish i could do it all again. okay, well, maybe not quite – but you know what i mean.

get your post ready for wednesday and then link up!

by the way, i just love the look of a short wedding dress. flirty – fun – and perfectly modern.

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  1. I make custom wooden jigsaw puzzles using traditional art prints or photographs. Lately I’m making quite a few for brides who want to use them as guest books at their wedding receptions. One side of the puzzle is a black and white photo of the happy couple. The other side of the puzzle is blank wood that can be signed by guests with special pigment markers. The puzzle pieces are large enough for each guest or couple to sign one piece. One bride says she and her husband plan to assemble the puzzle every year on their anniversary to remember their wedding day.

  2. What a great topic! I’m sure you will have a ton of responses. I love hearing about other people’s wedding ideas and experiences. And of course, I love planning my own wedding too :)

    Wedding planning is almost overwhelming because there are so many unique and wonderful ideas out there. Weddings are becoming more about individual personalities than adhering to tradition and I think that’s a good thing.

    Last week’s topic was awesome too. Love your blog!

  3. I’ve got some pretty bunting flags / garlands made out of vintage doilies that would be great for a wedding with a romantic, faded grandeur kind of feel… here’s the link to one that I have in store, I can custom make them to any length.


    pork chop

    PS If you get married when you’re pregnant like I did you’ll never have to look back on your wedding photos and wish you were that skinny again :)

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