cutline - semi colon lapel pin
semi-colon lapel pin by cutline

it was in 8th grade that i learned how to properly use a semi-colon. my advanced english teacher, mr. ferguson, was about 6 feet 6 inches tall – a giant – with the head of santa claus and personality of the grinch. although, i really think it was an act he used to put the fear of god in us all…

leahmackindotcom - semi colon button
semi-colon button by leahmackindotcom

anyhow, our midterm assignment was simple: write 10 thesis statements. well, we all failed. no really, he failed us all! then he proceeded to put an example on the board that would be the prototype for every single thesis statement i wrote ever since. and he used a semi-colon.

i was in love.

knitknit - felted semi colon necklace
felted semi-colon necklace by knitknit

sometimes though, when semi-colon isn’t paying enough attention to me. i give ampersand a call. just to talk. what’s your favorite punctuation mark?

7 thoughts on “punctuated.

  1. Love the semicolon, but love the interrobang, too. And the variety of ampersands you can find when you play with fonts… oh, love! My best friend once gave me a set of four little elves with punctuation marks on the back of their capes. BEST GIFT EVER, especially since I’m an editor. They sit on the windowsill of my office and keep me company in an office of punctuation cretins.

  2. Ooooh! I love the necklace so very much. I love semicolons too. I was so proud of myself when I first learned how to use them properly. I also love using dashes.

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