pulling it together :: market day

hey sg readers! i’m back for my second installment in the spring fashion preview here on scoutie girl this week. i hope you’re up for a few more peeks into my spring wish list wardrobe! as the first look i shared was a bit more on the structured side of casual, today’s is all about being super comfy, using natural fabrics and rocking some serious personal, eco-friendly style. enjoy! evelyn

Spring 2010 Look 2 - Market Day

look 2: market day

i doubt i’m alone here in believing that ‘organic’ and ‘stylish’ can co-exist harmoniously. perhaps there’s a bit of a patchouli-scented stigma attached to being ecologically-responsible, but all misconceptions are bound to be erased this spring. organic cotton and sustainable fabrics make amazing alternatives to their chemically-treated, not-so-earth-friendly cousins. i mean, have you ever felt bamboo fabric? it’s unbelievably soft. hemp fabric? while extremely durable, hemp fabrics also have no residual chemicals left over from production (and how is that not a good thing?) style does not need to be sacrificed when choosing comfortable, eco-friendly clothing, as look 2 illustrates. i don’t think a day at the market could look any better!

this look is all about working in stylish, comfortable, versatile layers. take your favorite tee, pair it with a casual knee-length skirt and black flats. add in a great jacket and a few funky accessories and you’re creating a perfect, go-to look fit for rummaging through antiques or stocking up on local produce. every piece in this outfit utilizes natural, organic or recycled materials, so you can feel good about what you’re wearing, too. you can’t lose when investing in practical pieces like this great hemp-wool military jacket and hemp denim apron skirt. their low-impact materials and practical shapes can be mixed-and-matched for countless looks.

  1. hemp + organic wool military jacket – pretty birdie by stephanie teague
  2. grey cloud scarf necklace in orange organic wool – dimplegirl*78
  3. local (cow on wheels) organic cotton tee – green girls global
  4. hemp denim apron skirt – conscious clothing
  5. black leather flats – gap
  6. handwoven plastic bag tote – sley the dent

5 thoughts on “pulling it together :: market day

  1. Love this, that skirt is perfect! Also, while my home is surrounded by 4+’ of snow I love seeing this springy ensemble. Thanks for the post!

  2. Oh that jacket is to-die-for too.

    I absolutely must clean and organize my closet. Must make room for someof these darling new items!!

  3. All these picks are just my style. Love love love the skirt. And I can attest to how wonderful bamboo fabric is. I have a pair of pants made from them and I wish I could wear them every day.

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