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welcome back lovelies! i hope everyone had a great weekend and you’re ready for more fresh looks for spring. i know i certainly am!  what i have in store for you today is a real treat. this look is called “9 to 5” and is for all you working stiffs out there. enjoy! evelyn

building a practical yet personal work-appropriate wardrobe is challenging because, frankly, a lot of business clothes are boring and frumpy. after all the years i spent in corporate america, i learned that many people succumb to the pitfalls of today’s (often too) casual work environment by making one of two fashion mistakes – their clothing is really safe and super bland or is better suited for anywhere but work (yikes.)

look 3: 9 to 5

here’s the solution – a perfect day-to-night look combining a few basics with additions that pop right off the page. the best part about this outfit is that it doesn’t cost much to pull it together and offers up another great opportunity to shop your closet. there is really no excuse not to own at least a few pieces similar to the ones shown. A black blazer, white tee and black heels act as a great foundation to your “flair”, like this printed skirt and kelly green tote.

you can’t lose with a skirt like this – it’s black and white watercolor ikat-inspired pattern is a flattering, wearable neutral. you’ll get a ton of mileage out of a skirt like this because it can be dressed up or down easily. also, i love, love, love belts. they cinch in, give shape and polish up any outfit. lastly, take full advantage of your accessories when pulling together a work-appropriate look. bold statement pieces, used sparingly and thoughtfully, are an easy way to inject a bit of your personality.

1.   upcycled necktie, bedazzled maria necklace – lilian asterfield
2.   white scoop neck bamboo tee – bamboo clothing
3.   black boyfriend blazer – H&M
4.   chic black disk earrings – yoola
5.   it’s not a paper cup + latte coffee sleeve – delight + quirky boots
6.   work n play kelly green leather laptop tote – zhen-u.n.
7.   eley kishimoto black patent pumps — gargyle
8.   black & white painted print skirt – out of line
9.   black leather obi sorest belt — arebycdesign

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