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i have officially been sucked into american idol and it may or may not have to do with ellen degeneres (it may). i also love the contestants this year because their passion for singing really shines through. now that the top 24 contestants have been chosen, it does come down to more than just vocals. their appeal, personality and style will help america decide who deserves to take home the top prize.

style winners for the girls…
imyourpresent - reconstructed dress

mash licorice leggings
and the guys…

Idol Men

* lace and bow tulip dress. imyourpresent
* licorice leggings. mash new york
* bowtie pocket tee. steppie
* reversible canvas jacket. nice collective

6 thoughts on “pop culture :: idol style winners

    1. me 3! i’m not sure if i would have watched this season if not for ellen. i know i’ll enjoy seeing the outfits she puts together too – love her style!

      thanks for stopping by today, natalie!

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