polka-dotted pottery

looking through my "hearts me" page in my etsy shop is a recent favorite activity b/c i often find artists like this that i might not have otherwise (even tho she’s quite accomplished). another fave is when i love the artist’s work sooooo much that i can’t decide which items to feature – such is the case here. she has been handcrafting multi-funtional pottery for over 10 years. her pieces are uniquely charming and energized, with a nod toward the unexpected. a gamut of spectacular items are on-hand as well as made-to-order, including bowls, vases, dinnerware, servers, mini-bowls, nesting bowls, cups, pitchers – all microwave/dishwasher safe. her husband is also an etsian, with his own line of original BBQ sauces, howling wolf. Indie Artist: JD Wolfe

$24-72 from jd wolfe pottery

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